Tot Bake Design : Upin & Ipin Fondant Cake

Our 1st try on fondant cake.. alhamdulillah it went well.. all three figurines made by husband fairuz, and the rest was by.. seriously mmg seronok buat fondant cake nie.. senang.. super-easy compared to buttercream.. so after this sape2 nak ode this kind of cake mmg di alu-alukan coz mmg seronok menguli fondant nie.. hehe

kek nie utk my fren's daughter, Syafiqah, the mother told us that she loves the figurine (upin, ipin & mickey) so much that as soon as she blowed out the candle, cepat-cepat she took all three figurines and put it in her room, together with all her presents. mmg comel!!

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